TortLogic is for tort lawyers who realize that the limitations of current document management software are making their firms less efficient. Tortlogic is an easy, intuitive, and free way to manage and utilize all of a law firm’s proofs online. Unlike all existing document management and case management software that treat third party documents as an afterthought, Tortlogic was built from the ground up with the exclusive purpose of offering a COMPLETE solution for third party (digital/scanned) documents.

How it Works
Tortlogic provides tort lawyers powerful, innovative online scanned image management and storage at no cost to their firm.
The key to Tortlogic is its intuitive, easy to use interface. With a little training, every staff..
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Easy to Use!
What makes Tortlogic so great is that it is so easy to use. Just a few minutes of training will allow anyone in your office to effortlessly order, retrieve, track, access and use third-party, scanned special damages proofs. more know more
Go Green - For Free!
For years law firms have dutifully scanned medical records and other special damages proofs, striving for the ideal of an environmentally sound, “paperless office”. Unfortunately, just scanning the medical records for all of your...
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