Tortlogic Features
Document Security

Tortlogic offers an array of features, not many of which are found on other document management systems, and some of which you can find nowhere else:

  • There are three ways to get documents onto Tortlogic: you can manually upload them, you can scan them directly from your scanner to our site with our patented "Relaylogic" software, or you can send a link directly to the medical provider that allows them to upload digital documents directly into your files.
  • All documents scanned or uploaded to your Tortlogic account are immediately OCR’d (optical character recognition), creating a digitized "shadow document" that is fully searchable. Medical records, pleadings, interrogatory responses, depositions, research, etc..., everything can be searched and accessed with a few keystrokes.
  • When documents are received and scanned or uploaded, the individual uploading the document can send a link to anyone in your firm. This will allow them to review the document without ever having to see it in paper form. That individual can, in turn, share the document with as many other attorneys or staff as they choose.
  • Because Tortlogic pulls client names and providers directly from your case management database, there is no need to name document files or associate them with the proper case. The documents go from your scanner to the proper place on Tortlogic.
  • All documents scanned or uploaded to Tortlogic have an associated "shadow document" that allows firm members and staff to make notes about the document that can be reviewed by anyone with firm access while viewing the document.
  • Individual pages of documents stored on Tortlogic can be "rearranged" -- or, in the case of duplicates, deleted -- without printing out the document or using expensive PDF manipulation software.
  • Medical records and bills saved on Tortlogic are automatically bates stamped for easy indexing and date stamped for easy determination of when a given page of the document was received. Subsequent uploading of additional records are appended to the existing document without requiring downloading the original document or using PDF manipulation software.
  • Tortlogic users can easily create and recombine documents housed on Tortlogic, and then send a link to the new document via e-mail. Insurance demands, requests for medical reviews, responses to requests for production of documents and more can be sent effortlessly with a few clicks from "Stitch & Share" -- the new, virtual "mailroom" for Tortlogic users.
  • All documents and drafts are immediately accessible from any computer with an Internet connection, using our lightning fast interface. Heavy encryption allows attorneys and staff to work from anywhere without fear that the client’s privacy will be violated.
  • Because Tortlogic is an outsourced storage solution, all fees for Tortlogic are hard, pass-through costs that can be billed to the client.
  • Invoices for each client uploaded to Tortlogic are easily accessible and can be printed out and provided to the client as proof of funds paid on their behalf.
  • All documents are stored and fully searchable on Tortlogic for a minimum of seven years after the file has gone dormant ( i.e. has not been accessed for 6 months). Plus, there is no need to "close the file" and move its contents to another storage system.
  • There is no up-front cost to opening a Tortlogic account and storing documents. The installation, implementation and friendly on-site training for all staff members and attorneys is free. Going forward, 24/7 customer service and technical assistance is free of charge. There is no software to buy, no licenses to update, no per-user charges associated with Tortlogic.
  • All updates and improvements to Tortlogic are free, automatically and immediately available to all Tortlogic clients.