It’s Better Than Yours
Better Document Management

Much MORE than document management

Many attorneys ask the same question when considering Tortlogic:

My firm already has document management software, why would I need Tortlogic?

Because, your document management software does not do what Tortlogic does. Period. Before Tortlogic, document management systems focused upon storage, accessibility and searchability of documents created by staff and attorneys at your law firm. Make no mistake, these are important functions. Everyone in your law firm benefits from having instant access to every document ever created by lawyers and staff and your law firm saves hundreds, even thousands, of hours per year, depending upon the size of your law firm. It means that your lawyers and staff do not have to painstakingly re-create research or writing that has been done in the past. Tortlogic does all of that, of course, but Tortlogic does more.

Every document received by your law firm and scanned onto our website is instantly digitized. Now, every document ever used at your office -- all correspondence, pleadings, responses to discovery, depositions, court rulings, pleadings -- is immediately searchable. Further, Tortlogic’s online storage maintains these invaluable documents with the utmost care, and gives everyone at your firm easy access to them.

Better Document Management Finally, Tortlogic's "Stitch & Share" program allows you to combine all of the documents saved at Tortlogic with any other documents that you want to include in a demand package or correspondence into one large PDF file -- no conversions required. Or, if you prefer, those same documents can be sent piecemeal, so that the recipient does not need to break them down again into their constituent parts. The document created is then saved onto our online hard drives, and a link to the new document or documents is sent to the insurance adjuster, client, opposing counsel or co-counsel of your choosing. No more countless hours at the copying machine for your staff. Your firm will save thousands of dollars on envelopes, paper and postage. Our "Stitch & Share" page becomes your mailroom.

Just remember, EVERY law firm has a document management system -- even if they don’t have software. After all, if a law firm’s staff just tosses every document received into a file emblazoned with the client’s name -- that is still a system. The question is not whether your law firm has a document management system. The question is whether your law firm has the BEST document management system for you.