How it works
How it Works

Tortlogic provides tort lawyers powerful, innovative online scanned image management and storage at no cost to their firm:

For years law firms have dutifully scanned medical records and other special damages proofs, striving for the ideal of the "paperless office". Unfortunately, just scanning the documents for all of your injury clients does not mean that those scanned documents will make things any easier for your staff, or bring you any closer to having a "paperless office".

Current document management software doesn't help. Because other document management software was not built from the ground up with medical records and special damages proofs in mind, they do little more than allow you to access the records from their software's portal. Your staff will still have to name and describe the documents as they are saved, which likely means that your law firm has as many different naming and description systems for scanned medical records as you have employees who are responsible for scanning and naming them.

How it Works Tortlogic finally delivers upon the promise of digitized special damages proofs. All of your staff can immediately see on one "snapshot" page what providers your client has seen, which of those providers have provided medical records and/or billing and what retrieval efforts have been made toward those records that have not yet been received -- all on one page.

The key to Tortlogic is its intuitive, easy to use interface. With a little training (provided on-site for free by Tortlogic’s friendly staff), every staff member will immediately have access to a powerful tool that will assist with special damages proofs retrieval. With a glance, they will be able to tell exactly what documents are in, what documents are expected and what documents need to be requested.

When your paper documents arrive from the medical providers, your staff simply scans the records and names the file right at the scanner according to the random, six digit filename previously assigned by Tortlogic. Our patented "Scan to the Web" software then sends the scanned record directly to the proper online storage repository at Tortlogic. Even better, if the medical provider typically revives digital documents, your staff can upload those records directly to Tortlogic or, if you would prefer, your staff can send a link directly to the provider that allows them to upload the records directly onto Tortlogic -- let the medical provider do your filing for you!

After uploading or scanning, the document is then accessible (and searchable) to anyone affiliated with your law firm that has a password. It is immediately associated with the proper provider. No more confusing and varied naming systems. Tortlogic also allows you to track retrieval efforts for the documents that you are expecting, and even to determine at a glance what records and billing have been ordered, but not received.

Finally, and most importantly, when all of the ordered documentation has been received and scanned, you can actually use them! Most document management software allows you to access and view the documents you have saved. However, all of the logistic and "green" advantages of having digitized medical records then promptly fly right out the window when your staff has to copy and print each document for a demand package that must be bound, placed in an oversized envelope, stamped and mailed to an adjuster who immediately scans your demand package and throws it away. Even if your firm typically sends a hard disc containing digitized documents, the process of creating those discs is often cumbersome and you still incur the cost of postage.

With Tortlogic, once all of the special damages proofs for a given client have been received, your case handler receives an e-mail from Tortlogic notifying him or her that the records collection phase of the case is complete, and that the case is likely ready for a demand package. Then, you or your staff member can implement Tortlogic's powerful "Stitch & Share" program that will combine all of the special damages proofs and any other documents (regardless of the file type) into one large PDF document (or, if you prefer, several small documents). Once you enter the name and e-mail address of the intended recipient, Tortlogic will e-mail a hyperlink to our site that will give that person access to that newly created document(s) (and to that document only). That way, the insurance adjuster can download and save the demand package without anyone at your firm having to copy, stamp and mail anything. Best of all, since Tortlogic can be treated as a hard, pass-through cost to each individual client, these services are FREE to the law firm!